Plinko Disk Drop Game

Plinko Disk Drop Game


Authentic Plinko game elegantly made in wood that produces the crisp, exciting “Plink” sound as no other materials (e.g. plastic) would. Ready-to-use with no assembly necessary. Graphics and numbers slide effortlessly into designated slots.

Ever since Bob Barker debuted this simple, exciting game on “The Price Is Right” in 1983, Plinko has been a hit on TV, as well as at carnivals, tradeshows, fundraisers, stores, parties, classrooms, meetings, and all sorts of events and activities, providing instant pizzazz and crowd-attracting occasions for the organizers and an easy-to-play-and-win game for the players. Then came this full-of-fun-and-sound, portable yet authentic, affordable yet completely-accessorized Plinko.

80.01 x 1.91 x 45.72 cm; 3.99 Kilograms

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Portable 31.5” tall x 18” wide (gallon milk bottle in picture shows relative size), right-sized to capture attention and yet thin and easy to carry around.
Attractive, smooth, grained wood surfaces on both front and back of the Plinko, full field of pegs and zig-zag side boards always ricocheting the pucks back to an equal chance of falling into any of the six slots below.

Included: 3 clay pucks, removable Plexiglas cover