Quest and Magic Show with Harry and Hermione

Quest and Magic Show with Harry and Hermione


Running time: 2 hours.
This package includes 1-hour magic show with Hermione and 1-hour quest with Harry Potter.
Cloaks and small surprises are complimentary.

Harry Potter, professional actor
Hermione, professional magician

Technical support:
Sound Effects Technician

Central/photo/stage with huge chess floor
Dining room/food area

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Only the real wizard can get a magic ticket to Hogwarts. If you receive the invitation to Harry Potter party, be ready for these fascinating adventures!

First, you have to solve a very difficult puzzle to get through the secret entrance to the magical 9 ¾ platform. Then “All aboard!” and Hogwarts train gets you to the School of Magic.

Sorting Hat will tell all new students which House they belong to, and after that, the study begins!

You will have a very busy schedule:

  • Wand making masterclass in Magic shop.
  • Potions lesson in science laboratory.
  • Levitation and Transformation lesson.
  • Magic spell session in the Library.

Fantastic animals in the magic forests and Whomping Willow tree in the middle of the school ground are waiting for you.
After hard day of studying, all students will get their brooms and take part in the Quidditch game. The winning House will receive a stipend and go shopping in Ollivander’s. But do not worry if your House does not win. You won’t go home without a prize!
And everyone is invited to the crazy discotheque to celebrate graduation from Hogwarts!