White Bouncing Bulb Castle

White Bouncing Bulb Castle


Capacity 330 lb
Size of the bulb 3m
Pad 2.5 m
The entrance length is 1.8m and the height is 1.9m.

None City +$50.00 Peppa +$50.00 Snowman +$50.00 Unicorn +$50.00 Magic Forest +$50.00 Princess +$50.00

General User's Instructions

Restrict the number of users on the inflatable at the same time to the limit in the operator manual or on the unit label.

Don't exceed the user height limit and keep bigger users separated from smaller ones.

No shoes, No food inside.

People should not wear shoes or glasses, and should empty their pockets of all sharp or dangerous items.

Anyone obviously intoxicated should not be allowed on.

Don't allow users to climb or hang on the walls.

Regularly check that anchor points are still secured.